Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy THANN-KSGiving!

The beautifully divine Jasmine Collection

It's that time of the year again, when the temperature drop and our friends and neighbours down South prepares for yet another festive time of celebrating family and giving thanks and gratitude. We, at THANN Skincare also have a lot to be thankful for!

It has been one wild roller coaster ride over the years, it has been a lot of learning and changing and adapting to the many changing things around us. It hasn't always been that easy, in all honesty. Nevertheless, we are still here - stronger than ever! We have a tremendous number of loyal fans, friends and family who's been with us all throughout this journey. We have very strong and strategic partners who has collaborated with us and supported us with each and every one of our business ventures.

Sea Foam Shower Gel

We have always been bold and innovative and always strive to set ourselves from the rest but even more so this year! We have broken new grounds and has increased our presence in the web and we have expanded our exposure in social media that THANN has enjoyed an even stronger brand recognition these days!

From traditional media: print, radio and television and online publications, blogs and e-magazines, THANN has absolutely been the HOTTEST commodity in town!

And all THANKS to you!

The world's best lip balm.

So, on that note, we would like to say our thanks and gratitude to all of you and offer you an entire weekend of HUGE, no wait, EPIC SALE! Friends of THANN, North and South of the border and everywhere in between can enjoy 30-40% OFF DISCOUNT on selected THANN products!

It doesn't really matter where you live in the world, the great thing about THANN is not only that we offer the most exceptional customer service known to the retail world, we also SHIP anywhere and everywhere!

Two of THANN's Best-sellers:
Rice Extract Moisturizing Cream and Lip Balm

From now until Sunday, November 27th, come and visit us at our flagship store at 829 Bank Street if you are in Ottawa, Canada or come check us out online at:

THANN Essential Oil

We want to thank this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for the continued loyalty, patronage and love for THANN! Have a HAPPY THANN-KSGIVING. Have a HAPPY THANN Shopping!

Don't forget to Visit us in our website, LIKE us in Facebook, Connect with us here in our Blog, Follow us on Twitter and of course, say Hello in person!

You are more than welcome... anytime.


All photos courtesy of AMY SYMES Photography.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mask Made in Heaven

Editor's Note: In our efforts to serve you better, our dear and valuable customers, we will be starting regular reviews of THANN products. Friends of THANN are loved ones in our lives who have tried our products and have something fabulous to say about their FAVE THANN items.

Review of: Shiso Hair Mask

A good friend recently lent me her Shiso Hair Mask to try. I am admittedly a little sceptical about hair masks, after many attempts and never finding one I liked.

I washed my hair with THANN’s Aromatic Wood Shampoo, hoping that I’d see great results. I am already a devoted fan of the Aromatic Wood Shampoo, so I was happy to begin my morning with that.

The first thing I noticed about the Shiso Hair Mask was the nice light smell. It was the perfect amount for a hair mask – not too strong – but enough that it was noticeable and certainly beautiful. I massaged it in (it said roots to ends) and left it on for about 15 minutes. It washed out easily, and didn’t leave a residue.

I lightly blow-dried my hair and went off for the day. Usually my hair is an unruly, limp, disastrous mess (at least that’s how it appears to me), but I honestly had a full 110% good hair day this day. My good hair days lasted me a week, and I am already looking forward to borrowing this product from my friend again!

(Or even better….adding this mask made in heaven to my Christmas Wish List!).


Friend of THANN

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Yesterday, on November 3rd 2011, Fadi Ghaby, the owner of THANN Canada launched our newest campaign... THANN supports #NOMOREBULLIES campaign.

We've all seen the news, read the blogs, watch the YouTube videos of hundreds of kids suffering as victims of the age-old crime of bullying. Did you know that 300 kids take their own lives every year in Canada alone. That is an absolutely huge number that is just completely unacceptable. At this time and age, when we think we've come a long way in accepting others who are different from us, bullying still exists.

And it won't just go away. Not without a concerted and active effort to get rid of it.  

What is the #NOMOREBULLIES Campaign?

After seeing too many stories about bullying, the Majic 100 Morning show with Stu, Angie and Trish wanted to do something. A victim of bullying himself in high school, Stu tweeted one day that "If he had to visit every school in Ottawa to speak out against bullying he would". The #NoMoreBullies hashtag was created and the idea was born.
How can THANN help?

We are helping to raise awareness for this cause by donating $1 for every new follower we get in Twitter. We hope to promote anti-bullying ways by exposing the truth  in all social media platform available to us. We hope to find ways we can all work together to eliminate such a pervasive issue in our society. We would love for you to join us too!

How can you help THANN?

You can help support #NOMOREBULLIES campaign by doing a few very simple things. If you are in Twitter, please follow @thannskincare. We will donate $1 for every new follower. Say hello to us in THANN Facebook and tell us you 'LIKE' us!

You can also be part of our #NOMOREBULLIES Campaign by sending us your photos. We will release a new poster every week until November 30th, 2011.

Send us your #NOMOREBULLIES photos here:

THANN in Twitter

THANN in Facebook

and visit us at to learn more about us!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

THANN Shows Some Media Love

Over the years since we opened our first concept store in Canada as the first ever THANN retail store in North America, we have been fortunate enough to get a lot of media love. Perhaps we should have been more diligent in sharing these media features/articles written about THANN with you as we haven't done so in the past. We hope to change that...

We have also been privileged to be invited to so many prominent events recently and we really should have shared those experiences with you. THANN has been, for the very first time, in the front row of Ottawa Fashion Week, Beauty and Fashion Gala and many other high profile events in the city.

We actually hosted, in partnership with TWENTY YORK STREET Fashion Website, a very unique event called #LIFEOFSTYLE (a separate post coming up soon!) - a combination of Fashion, Beauty, Skincare, Food, Music and Dance event at the very chic and famous Arc Hotel. 

Here are some of our recent media mentions, on print and on-line. We are also invited to make some TV appearances in the next following weeks as prepare for, what we expect, as our biggest and busiest Christmas season yet! We will share all these exciting moments with you so stay tuned!

BHBB Ottawa September 2011 Issue with coverage on
the City's Event of the Year: #LIFEOFSTYLE

BHBB Ottawa August/September 2011 Issue
Next Big Thing Magazine: Beauty Editor's Pick. Fall 2011 Issue.

"Thann uses only the finest quality ingredients in their products. And trust me, the minute you feel and smell this, you will become a believer."

"Jane, thank you so much for featuring this wonderful company (THANN) and the Jasmine Blossom Collection! I ordered these and a lip balm. My order arrived amazingly quickly to my U.S. address, and the shipping was free. I'm a REALLY happy customer now."

On that note, we at THANN, would like to give back the love and show the esteemed members of the media some fun and pampering at our flagship store at 829 Bank Street, Ottawa! Promise, we'll share some of the photos and anecdotes from this very exciting event!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hands Down for THANN

"Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain." - Carl Jung

The eyes may be the window to your soul but your hands are what connect you with others and to the rest of the world. It can give the gentlest of touch, the softest caress yet it can be as strong to lift someone in need. Oftentimes, we express ourselves not with words that come out of our mouth but by the expressions in our the body, the face and the gestures of our hands.

As resilient as they can be, the hands are also the first body parts to show visible signs of aging. With all the infinite functions are hands perform, isn't it worthwhile that we safeguard them from damaging effects of pollution and other external aggressors?

Turning the Hands of Time with THANN

Enriched with nature's finest ingredients such as organic rose water, organic coconut and argan oils - THANN offers you with a wide range of hand creams that not only will protect your hands but revitalize them to reveal smooth and luminous skin.

Are your hands dry, rough, flaky, itchy, dehydrated or seriously chapped due to harsh weather conditions? 

Whatever conditions your hands may be in right now, THANN Hand Creams can make all the difference. We are proud to carry different types of hand creams that all promise to provide you with an indulgent experience... leaving your hands, nails, cuticles deeply moisturized and luxuriously pampered with no greasy traces or oily residue.

THANN Oriental Essence Hand Cream

Indulge yourself to an aromatic blend of Kaffir lime and Lemongrass essential oils to comfort your mind and soothe your skin. The exotic feeling enhances the  intense moisture, which absorbs quickly to give you strong and healthy looking skin in an instant!

THANN Aromatic Wood Hand Cream

Surrender to a tranquility of fresh citrus surrounded with the sweetness of orange and tangerine essential oils to create joy and uplifting ambiance. The thick texture penetrates quickly to leave hands soft and smooth and sweetly yet subtly scented.

THANN Shiso Hand and Arm Cream with SPF 15

Soy protein, corn protein and the powerhouse Shiso extract come together to give you the deeply nourishing THANN Hand and Arm Cream. With SPF 15, it gives you the necessary protection against the harmful rays of the sun while its anti-oxidant properties increases the skin's ability to hold moisture. These powerful ingredients also gives the benefit of smoothing roughness of the skin and ultimately, minimizing wrinkles.

This is the new era of hand care. Combining the technology of modern science with only the best ingredients nature has to offer, THANN Skincare helps you care for your hands with the special offer of 25% OFF all its hand creams!

With everything that it does, feel, carry, hold and touch for us, isn't it time we give our hands back the tender loving care it so truly deserves?

Visit today!

Offer ends: Sunday, October 23, 2011.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hair Mask Review (Unfinished Draft)

Please provide better photo.

There is no doubt summer in Canada is one of the best times of the year! Compared to many other blessed countries in the world, we only get for three short-lived months of summer and sometimes, we even get shortchanged due to weird weather changes.

So, we head out to the beach, lie down on the sand and soak under that warm sun! Unfortunately, as much as that sounds glorious on any given summer day, it does take rather a huge toll on our hair!

I don’t know about you but healthy and shiny hair is pretty much the standard trademark of youth and beauty, no matter which culture you come from!

The damaging UV rays of the sun cause a number of problems for your hair: dryness and dehydration, brittleness, lack of luster, an overall look of dullness and worst, split ends! The horror I know!

Fortunately for you, Thann Hair Mask can erase all that and more! THANN Hair Mask with Ceramide Protein and natural plant extracts repairs and strengthens hair from roots to tips. This same protective protein repairs damaged hair and protects hair against chemical and harmful UV rays. Shiso extract provides benefits as natural anti-oxidant and moisturizer. Wheat Protein and Jojoba Oil smooth hair cuticles leaving hair shiny and bouncy.

With Shiso extract to provide benefits of natural anti-oxidant and moisturizer, use Thann Hair Mask as a conditioner after you’ve rinsed your shampoo (Thann shampoo *insert name of shampoo* highly recommended), leave on for 5-10 minutes or longer, and guaranteed - this ultra-effective mask creates a protective film over the hair shaft that helps keep its moisture, giving your hair its gorgeous youthful shine!

THANN - An Absolute Morning Delight

Editor's Note: In our efforts to serve you better our dear and valuable customers, we will be starting regular reviews of THANN products. Friends of THANN are fabulous individuals who have tried our products and have something exciting to say about their FAVE THANN items.

This week's Guest Blog is from Natalie of

Like many of you, I got sample bottles of THANN’s Aromatic Wood Shampoo and Conditioner in my #LIFEOFSTYLE gift bag. This morning I was in need of a treat and some love so I decided to break them open.

Official invite to the Hottest event of the Year: #LIFEOFSTYLE
by THANN and Twenty York Street.

The shampoo had a nice, clean woodsy smell to it. It wasn’t over powering for those of us who are occasionally scent-sensitive, but had enough of a scent to put a smile on my face. In trying to keep a healthier life, I’m making simple changes like using sulphate-free products when possible, so was I thrilled to see that THANN doesn’t have sodium laureth sulphate in their shampoo. I was very impressed with how sudsy the shampoo became despite the presence of sulphates – yahoo!


Next up – the conditioner. I used a small amount just on my ends, and again was please with the light but beautiful smell. A few hours later, my hair is still soft, shiny and filled with body!


Final verdict – I have found a shampoo that smells great, leaves my hair soft and doesn’t have sulphates. The conditioner made my ends soft and was a perfect complement to the shampoo. I have become a THANN shampoo + conditioner convert. It has everything I want in a daily hair product.


If you haven’t used your THANN shampoo + conditioner yet, you won’t regret opening them.

(I felt like the woman/mermaid in this picture this morning in the shower. Peaceful, chilling in my flowing dress only without the shirtless dude/mermaid coming to my rescue).

Thanks THANN for the great treat!


The Busy Neighbour

Exclusive Peak Inside The THANN Flagship Store

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Present: Right Here, Right Now

Have you ever been to dinner with friends or family where everybody sitting around the table is either on their iPhone, Android or Blackberry so busy tweeting, posting or texting away? The conversation never really stops, in fact, there is more than one conversation going on at the same time and everyone is engaged at some point or the other.

Everyone is busy. Very busy. All the time.

In today's society, being so busy has almost become a status symbol - the busier one is gives the impression that one is that important. Yes, perhaps an elevated and often false sense of being productive, yet it's so culturally prevalent that it is almost a sin for one to be idle, relax or pause even for a brief moment. Such notion is widely accepted and reinforced that it depicts simple pleasures in life like long walks on the beach or warm, soothing baths as simply waste of time. Having been to many work and social events lately, I have heard the answer to the question: "How are you?" - met with the very predictable: "I am so busy" one time too many.

Are we really that busy or have we made ourselves insanely busy we've lost focus? What do we really want in life? It has been said, over the years, that if you strip away the strappings of life - people from all over the world, no matter which walk of life they come from - all yearn for the same thing. The Dalai Lama once said "I believe that the very purpose of life is to be happy. From the very core of our being, we desire contentment. In my own limited experience I have found that the more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being."

Boracay, Philippines

Why not take a pause and take the time to just enjoy the present today? There is an absolute and undeniable joy and beauty in living the simplest moments in life.

Do what makes you happy. Do what makes you smile.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


We, at THANN, have been featured in countless of magazines before and each one of them is very exciting in its own right. But, we are absolutely thrilled about the NEXT BIG THING MAGAZINE's 2011 Fall edition as it not only boasts of Canada's top designers (Ottawa's very own David McCaffrey gets a well-deserved mention), the Ottawa Fashion Week and the Royal Queens of Fashion but guess what?

THANN gets a full-page feature via the most anticipated section!! The Beauty Editorial!

These THANN products were hand picked, put to the test, scrutinized and have been given the seal of approval by the magazine's Beauty Editor - Afia Agyeman! What indeed is the best way to welcome the fall season but by preparing your body, mind and soul using the best of the best in skincare and beauty - THANN.


In honour of this privilege in being featured in one of Canada's most Fashion and Beauty forward magazine, THANN Skincare is having an Exclusive Sale!!! We are giving back to our loyal and new customers by offering a BIG 25% discount on ALL THANN Products featured above! In-store and online.

Mention or enter promo code: NEXTBIGTHINGMAG.

Call us biased but we think THANN is ALREADY THE BIG THING!! 

Editor's (and Owner's) Note: We would like to thank Ola George, Editor and Afia Agyeman, Beauty Editor of Next Big Thing Magazine. What an absolute thrill and pleasure to be given such an honour!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


THANN for a Beautiful Fall

With fall comes many things: the changing color of the leaves, putting away summer clothes, packing up from vacations, heading back to work or school and for many of us, planning new and beautiful ways to spend the fall like prepping and beautifying your skin and body!

To show our love and appreciation to our loyal customers and to welcome our new ones, we are offering a HUGE THANN Fall Welcome discount! A incredible 20% OFF sale is being held today and tomorrow only.

Why not use this sale to stock up on your most beloved items or try new products you’ve been thinking about? This is the perfect time to prepare your body, soul and mind for this season, and THANN is here to help you achieve exactly.

Now, here's some ideas on how to treat yourself (or a loved one) with THANN’s Exclusive 20% off sale:

Try a travel set

THANN has Oriental Essence, Aromatic Wood and Sea Foam travel sets, each containing: shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, rice extract body milk and bath and massage oil. If you’ve been thinking about trying new products, this is an easy way to test new ones. This would also make a great gift for the frequent traveler or gym goer in your life.

Seafoam Exotic Travel Set

Refresh your skin

Many of us are guilty of spending too much time in the sun, neglecting to wear sunscreen or have jobs that keep us outside all day long. Fall is the perfect time to repair your skin and get it ready for winter. The Detoxifying face mask absorbs toxins and helps clean up your pores. The cucumber and rose extracts keep your skin calm, clean and nourished. The Shiso Facial Cleanser will leave your skin feeling refreshed and clean, while also removing excess oil.

Love your body

As you prepare for what fall and winter will bring, treating your body right will help you survive the change in weather. The Sea Foam Bath and Massage Oil is scented with peppermint oil to help relieve stress, while also containing essential fatty acids and vitamins to leave your skin smooth and soft. Combined with thyme, rosemary and eucalyptus components, the Sea Foam Bath and Massage Oil helps contribute to your calm mind and body. As a daily treat for your bath or shower, the Sea Foam Rice Grain Soap Bar detoxifies your skin, leaving it clean and cool, and leaves it gently exfoliated.


 Try the THANN Skincare Bar

Always wanted to try THANN Skincare products or visit the famous THANN store? Now is a good time than ever to head over (if you're in Ottawa or visiting the Nation's Capital) and try THANN's famous Skincare Bar for the ultimate pampering experience with detoxifying facial or revitalizing hand scrub. Relax in an Asian-inspired environment that will awaken all your senses yet calm your body, mind and spirit.

Don't miss! THANN’s 20% OFF sale ends Friday at midnight. To get your 20% off, present your coupon in store or enter the code ENJOY20 online. And remember – it’s never too early to start your holiday shopping!

Hurry and shop now!