Friday, June 26, 2009

Rice Extract Lip Balm

Thann has perfected an all natural lip balm with a silky sheer paraben-free formula enriched with nine beneficial plant extracts, including Shea Butter known for its moisturizing and skin healing properties. It also acts as an emollient which prevents moisture loss. Among the other vitamin-rich healing ingredients are Jojoba seed oil, wild mango, cocoa butter extracts and rice bran oil which protects and nourishes the lips with 3 vitamin Es as well as offers natural sun protection (SPF 15). Aloe Vera soothes chapped lips and helps to heal wounds with its unique anti-inflammatory properties. This Rice Extract lip balm contains no artificial colour or fragrance, leaving only a fresh naturally sweet earthy scent. Complete care for summer or winter!

Protect, detoxify and nourish your skin

Stressful busy lifestyles, inconsistent diets and lack of sleep can all have a harmful impact on our complexions. Plus, the combination of the ozone depletion, increasing pollution and climate changes wreak havoc on our health, and unfortunately signs can usually show up first on our skin. Due to all the environmental pollutants in the air, our skin needs much more help these days than just healthy food and sleep. It requires daily protection as well as weekly deep cleansing. Dull, uneven skin texture or acne starts when the pores become clogged with dirt, toxins and sebum (oil produced by the skin). It’s necessary to cleanse twice a day with a gentle cleanser. The Shiso Facial Cleanser soothes and softens skin while it gently cleanses and helps purify the delicate skin on the face. Thann’s Face Care products all contain powerful natural antioxidants that are essential for fighting free-radicals caused by pollution. Once or twice a week, it’s vital to scrub away rough skin and dead skin cells in order to start revealing a brighter complexion. You can do this while nourishing your skin with the Oatmeal Face Scrub which contains antioxidants and vitamins A, B and C. Exfoliating is important before a weekly 15 minute detoxifying treatment. The Detoxifying Clay Mask clarifies skin by absorbing toxins and dirt that become embedded in the pores while the rice bran oil deeply nourishes. Rice bran oil is also a main ingredient in the Rice Extract Moisturizing Cream which acts as natural U.V protection as well as provides daily natural antioxidants to the face (3 vitamin Es). It is non-comedogenic meaning it will never clog pores.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Conscious Candle Lover

Some candles smell far too strong or artificial while some can release toxins in the air as well as make a big mess! That’s why Thann’s range of Aromatherapy Candles make a beautiful natural choice for the more health conscious candle lover. They are lead free and made from pure palm oil with no paraffin or any other petroleum by products. Many candles claim to be aromatherapy when they’re in fact scented with chemical ingredients, and these are very far from having any therapeutic benefits. However, Thann’s candles contain no artificial colour or fragrance and are infused with invigorating pure blends of essential oils that fill the air with exceptionally beautiful scents, naturally. For practical use, the candle flame is perfectly stabilized and safe in Thann’s stylish glass pot, never leaving marks on furniture or allowing the wax to drip. Relax before bed with the Mediterranean Floral Candle (Lavender and Rosemary) to help soothe away tension and stress, or uplift and energize your body and spirit with the Aromatic Wood Candle (Orange, Tangerine and Nutmeg). It’s interesting to know that it is not only the smell that your mind and body react to but also the actual molecular structure of the plant that is carried by the essential oil. There are four scents (collections) to choose from for creating the most perfect atmosphere, and for complete indulgence, match up your favourite candle with Thann’s natural aromatherapy skincare products.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Shiso cares for all skin types.

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what skin type you have, and what products are most suitable. Most skincare products are targeted towards one very specific need whether it be for acne, sensitive skin or wrinkles... This can be frustrating as it seems as though most people have combination skin. It is not uncommon for someone in their 20s ,30s or 40s to have mild acne but also to require wrinkle protection for his or her dry and/or sensitive skin. Luckily, Thann has formulated a complete collection with this in mind. The Shiso plant from Japan has been found to help other plants and trees grow around them by restoring and maintaining nutrients in the earth. The Shiso extract has been specially formulated by Thann’s scientific team to now benefit the skin in a similar way. This gentle ingredient has powerful properties such as anti-bacterial and anti-histamine which work to maintain fresh, clean and clear skin. It also fights aging free-radicals protecting the skin from pollutants as well as maintaining balanced moisture. The Shiso Anti-aging Face Cream also contains Black Tea extract which promotes the skin’s ability to maintain and reproduce elastin and collagen, effectively fighting fine lines and wrinkles. Combining this with other Shiso products such as the Shiso Facial Cleanser (with green tea) and the gentle alcohol-free Shiso Astringent Toner (with Algae) will ensure that you are targeting many needs at once such as fighting blemishes as well as wrinkles. The diverse properties that the Shiso Collection offers make this line of products ideal and effective for almost any skin type at any age.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spa Results at Home

Not everyone thinks about treating themselves to a day at the spa... But what if you can do the same thing in the comfort of your own home? It’s quite amazing the results that you can achieve just by finding the right products. With Thann’s line of paraben-free, natural therapy products, you can create a three step intensive detoxifying and rejuvenating treatment that will have you feeling like you just woke up to brand new skin! The first step is to deeply cleanse and “wake your skin up” by scrubbing away dull dead skin cells. Take your time to gently massage one of Thann’s Aromatherapy Salt Scrubs all over your body concentrating on dry rough areas, and don’t forget your feet! Rinse off and pat dry. This will improve circulation and prepare your skin for the next step. You might want to cover your bed with towels before and possibly get your partner or friend to help you, or even better, to take turns with you! Cover as much skin as you can with Thann’s Body Mud Mask or work in sections. This special mineral treatment works deep down to eliminate toxins embedded in the pores as well as rejuvenate, clarify and firm your skin. Lie down and relax for 15 minutes, then rinse off thoroughly. Just when you think you can’t feel any softer, the final step is to smooth on Thann’s Top product- The Shiso Body Butter! Its rich non-greasy formula will deeply nourish, tone and brighten your skin. As a result, your skin is dramatically transformed, healthy and clear. After fitting this at-home three step routine into your weekly schedule, you’ll have a hard time matching the results, even after a weekend spa retreat!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lemongrass: Pure Scent of Summer!

Lemongrass, one of many natural scents found at Harnn & Thann seems to increasingly be the everyday ideal fragrance of choice among women and men, maybe due to its overall refreshingly pure scent which can serve many purposes, anytime, anywhere. It’s especially suitable for summer time and when used on a daily basis, for your body or as a home fragrance, you really can notice the benefits it has to offer. Its clean, citrusy, earthy aroma has the ability to purify the mind, body and home environment in a very subtle but extremely effective way. It counteracts nausea, stress and negative tension, while restoring natural balance. Lemongrass oil, when used in skin care products helps to fight acne and irritation due to its mild anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. In addition, Lemongrass is also one of the best natural deodorants as well as insect repellents. Excellent to maintain summer fresh skin and an amazing alternative to those harsh vile chemical bug sprays! Thann’s Oriental Essence Collection offers a way to incorporate the full benefits of Lemongrass with its line of skin care, hair care and home fragrance. Lemongrass is complimented with Kaffir Lime oil which promotes rest and peace. Experience the purity of summer.


When you exfoliate your skin with one of Thann’s body scrubs, you’re actually doing a lot more for your body than you think. The first two main ingredients do wonders for your skin and your body in general. Other than chasing away dead skin cells, when allowing to penetrate the skin, sea salt is known to benefit the body from the inside out, treating skin conditions and improving internal processes. Certain minerals contained in the unrefined sea salt, assist in cleansing, detoxifying and restoring general health. The second ingredient, Rice Bran Oil offers several unique properties that deeply nourish and hydrate the skin. It has a much smaller molecule than other topical oils allowing it to penetrate even deeper into the underlying tissue of the skin, protecting it from within. Rice Bran Oil is also one of the best sources of tocotrienol, a powerful antioxidant that fights to dramatically reduce free-radicals, helping to maintain beautiful, vibrant and young looking skin. In addition, this special oil is rich in Phytic and Ferulic acids, which promote microfoliation (a gentle form of exfoliation) while helping balance melanin production. It also contains proanthrocyanidins, which protect collagen and elastin to ensure suppleness for the skin. Last but not the least, are the beautiful blends of pure essential oils. The Aromatic Wood scrub for example is a blend of pure Orange, Tangerine and Nutmeg oil. Orange and citrus oils, containing natural AHA are known to boost dull skin and alleviate stress while nutmeg acts as a natural mild antiseptic and helps to improve circulation and muscle ache. Thankfully, these salt scrubs don’t contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives whatsoever which is very reassuring. So, while you’re exfoliating, think about how you’re helping to improve so many aspects of your health. You can see and feel the difference, and needless to say, it smells divine!

Artificial Fragrance Vs. Natural Fragrance

Since ancient times, natural aromas found in plants and flowers have captured the hearts of men and women. Essential oil extraction from plants and flowers is not a new art-form at all. However, the production and use of artificial fragrance is relatively very new. They are cheap to make and easy to mass produce. Thousands of synthetic chemicals are used to create artificial fragrances and repeated exposure to these substances is most definitely not good for our health. The extent to how harmful these substances can be is unknown but only because there is little regulation and they don’t get tested! Some people assume they are allergic to all fragrances because of the intense reactions they have gotten from artificial perfumes. Essential oils and artificial perfumes should never be referred to in the same way! Not only do essential oils remind us of the true natural beauty of scents around us, but when used sensibly they can be beneficial to our health also. Each essential oil has its own list of specific properties. Many of them counteract free-radicals and can provide valuable psychological and physical therapeutic benefits. The only advantage of artificial perfumes and fragrances is that they may last longer. The problem here though is that you can just reek for hours if ever you use a little too much. Smelling softer and more subtle with naturally scented lotions and oils is definitely a healthier and more holistic approach. You’ll know that no one will start sneezing when they approach you and also when breathing the scents in or absorbing them through your skin, you’re not damaging your health. Plus, like most things, why use fake when you can get the real thing?