Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Artificial Fragrance Vs. Natural Fragrance

Since ancient times, natural aromas found in plants and flowers have captured the hearts of men and women. Essential oil extraction from plants and flowers is not a new art-form at all. However, the production and use of artificial fragrance is relatively very new. They are cheap to make and easy to mass produce. Thousands of synthetic chemicals are used to create artificial fragrances and repeated exposure to these substances is most definitely not good for our health. The extent to how harmful these substances can be is unknown but only because there is little regulation and they don’t get tested! Some people assume they are allergic to all fragrances because of the intense reactions they have gotten from artificial perfumes. Essential oils and artificial perfumes should never be referred to in the same way! Not only do essential oils remind us of the true natural beauty of scents around us, but when used sensibly they can be beneficial to our health also. Each essential oil has its own list of specific properties. Many of them counteract free-radicals and can provide valuable psychological and physical therapeutic benefits. The only advantage of artificial perfumes and fragrances is that they may last longer. The problem here though is that you can just reek for hours if ever you use a little too much. Smelling softer and more subtle with naturally scented lotions and oils is definitely a healthier and more holistic approach. You’ll know that no one will start sneezing when they approach you and also when breathing the scents in or absorbing them through your skin, you’re not damaging your health. Plus, like most things, why use fake when you can get the real thing?

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