Friday, June 19, 2009

Shiso cares for all skin types.

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what skin type you have, and what products are most suitable. Most skincare products are targeted towards one very specific need whether it be for acne, sensitive skin or wrinkles... This can be frustrating as it seems as though most people have combination skin. It is not uncommon for someone in their 20s ,30s or 40s to have mild acne but also to require wrinkle protection for his or her dry and/or sensitive skin. Luckily, Thann has formulated a complete collection with this in mind. The Shiso plant from Japan has been found to help other plants and trees grow around them by restoring and maintaining nutrients in the earth. The Shiso extract has been specially formulated by Thann’s scientific team to now benefit the skin in a similar way. This gentle ingredient has powerful properties such as anti-bacterial and anti-histamine which work to maintain fresh, clean and clear skin. It also fights aging free-radicals protecting the skin from pollutants as well as maintaining balanced moisture. The Shiso Anti-aging Face Cream also contains Black Tea extract which promotes the skin’s ability to maintain and reproduce elastin and collagen, effectively fighting fine lines and wrinkles. Combining this with other Shiso products such as the Shiso Facial Cleanser (with green tea) and the gentle alcohol-free Shiso Astringent Toner (with Algae) will ensure that you are targeting many needs at once such as fighting blemishes as well as wrinkles. The diverse properties that the Shiso Collection offers make this line of products ideal and effective for almost any skin type at any age.

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