Monday, October 17, 2011

Hair Mask Review (Unfinished Draft)

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There is no doubt summer in Canada is one of the best times of the year! Compared to many other blessed countries in the world, we only get for three short-lived months of summer and sometimes, we even get shortchanged due to weird weather changes.

So, we head out to the beach, lie down on the sand and soak under that warm sun! Unfortunately, as much as that sounds glorious on any given summer day, it does take rather a huge toll on our hair!

I don’t know about you but healthy and shiny hair is pretty much the standard trademark of youth and beauty, no matter which culture you come from!

The damaging UV rays of the sun cause a number of problems for your hair: dryness and dehydration, brittleness, lack of luster, an overall look of dullness and worst, split ends! The horror I know!

Fortunately for you, Thann Hair Mask can erase all that and more! THANN Hair Mask with Ceramide Protein and natural plant extracts repairs and strengthens hair from roots to tips. This same protective protein repairs damaged hair and protects hair against chemical and harmful UV rays. Shiso extract provides benefits as natural anti-oxidant and moisturizer. Wheat Protein and Jojoba Oil smooth hair cuticles leaving hair shiny and bouncy.

With Shiso extract to provide benefits of natural anti-oxidant and moisturizer, use Thann Hair Mask as a conditioner after you’ve rinsed your shampoo (Thann shampoo *insert name of shampoo* highly recommended), leave on for 5-10 minutes or longer, and guaranteed - this ultra-effective mask creates a protective film over the hair shaft that helps keep its moisture, giving your hair its gorgeous youthful shine!

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