Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hands Down for THANN

"Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain." - Carl Jung

The eyes may be the window to your soul but your hands are what connect you with others and to the rest of the world. It can give the gentlest of touch, the softest caress yet it can be as strong to lift someone in need. Oftentimes, we express ourselves not with words that come out of our mouth but by the expressions in our the body, the face and the gestures of our hands.

As resilient as they can be, the hands are also the first body parts to show visible signs of aging. With all the infinite functions are hands perform, isn't it worthwhile that we safeguard them from damaging effects of pollution and other external aggressors?

Turning the Hands of Time with THANN

Enriched with nature's finest ingredients such as organic rose water, organic coconut and argan oils - THANN offers you with a wide range of hand creams that not only will protect your hands but revitalize them to reveal smooth and luminous skin.

Are your hands dry, rough, flaky, itchy, dehydrated or seriously chapped due to harsh weather conditions? 

Whatever conditions your hands may be in right now, THANN Hand Creams can make all the difference. We are proud to carry different types of hand creams that all promise to provide you with an indulgent experience... leaving your hands, nails, cuticles deeply moisturized and luxuriously pampered with no greasy traces or oily residue.

THANN Oriental Essence Hand Cream

Indulge yourself to an aromatic blend of Kaffir lime and Lemongrass essential oils to comfort your mind and soothe your skin. The exotic feeling enhances the  intense moisture, which absorbs quickly to give you strong and healthy looking skin in an instant!

THANN Aromatic Wood Hand Cream

Surrender to a tranquility of fresh citrus surrounded with the sweetness of orange and tangerine essential oils to create joy and uplifting ambiance. The thick texture penetrates quickly to leave hands soft and smooth and sweetly yet subtly scented.

THANN Shiso Hand and Arm Cream with SPF 15

Soy protein, corn protein and the powerhouse Shiso extract come together to give you the deeply nourishing THANN Hand and Arm Cream. With SPF 15, it gives you the necessary protection against the harmful rays of the sun while its anti-oxidant properties increases the skin's ability to hold moisture. These powerful ingredients also gives the benefit of smoothing roughness of the skin and ultimately, minimizing wrinkles.

This is the new era of hand care. Combining the technology of modern science with only the best ingredients nature has to offer, THANN Skincare helps you care for your hands with the special offer of 25% OFF all its hand creams!

With everything that it does, feel, carry, hold and touch for us, isn't it time we give our hands back the tender loving care it so truly deserves?

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Offer ends: Sunday, October 23, 2011.

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