Sunday, November 6, 2011


Yesterday, on November 3rd 2011, Fadi Ghaby, the owner of THANN Canada launched our newest campaign... THANN supports #NOMOREBULLIES campaign.

We've all seen the news, read the blogs, watch the YouTube videos of hundreds of kids suffering as victims of the age-old crime of bullying. Did you know that 300 kids take their own lives every year in Canada alone. That is an absolutely huge number that is just completely unacceptable. At this time and age, when we think we've come a long way in accepting others who are different from us, bullying still exists.

And it won't just go away. Not without a concerted and active effort to get rid of it.  

What is the #NOMOREBULLIES Campaign?

After seeing too many stories about bullying, the Majic 100 Morning show with Stu, Angie and Trish wanted to do something. A victim of bullying himself in high school, Stu tweeted one day that "If he had to visit every school in Ottawa to speak out against bullying he would". The #NoMoreBullies hashtag was created and the idea was born.
How can THANN help?

We are helping to raise awareness for this cause by donating $1 for every new follower we get in Twitter. We hope to promote anti-bullying ways by exposing the truth  in all social media platform available to us. We hope to find ways we can all work together to eliminate such a pervasive issue in our society. We would love for you to join us too!

How can you help THANN?

You can help support #NOMOREBULLIES campaign by doing a few very simple things. If you are in Twitter, please follow @thannskincare. We will donate $1 for every new follower. Say hello to us in THANN Facebook and tell us you 'LIKE' us!

You can also be part of our #NOMOREBULLIES Campaign by sending us your photos. We will release a new poster every week until November 30th, 2011.

Send us your #NOMOREBULLIES photos here:

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and visit us at to learn more about us!

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