Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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All-Natural Thai Beauty Products at Thann

Sometimes an intoxicating aroma is all it takes for us to fall in love.

And that’s exactly how we fell for Thann, the country’s only store dedicated solely to all-natural, Asian-inspired skin-, hair- and body-care products from Thailand.

A heady mix of exotic scents, including orange, nutmeg and lemongrass, greeted us when we walked in. The store’s Zen ambience prompted us to linger and try some of the products.

The best-selling Shiso Body Butter ($52/350g), made with delicious-smelling cocoa butter and licorice and Shiso extracts, hydrated our thirsty skin. The Oriental Essence Aromatic Salt Scrub ($41/350g) with lemongrass oil left our skin smooth and replenished.

Truly love at first whiff.

829 Bank St.

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