Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Get Kissable Lips Before Valentines Day!

So you woke up to winter lips – cracked, bleeding, sore and anything but kissable. Well, you have one week to soothe those puckers back to succulent for Valentines Day dessert. Here are some tried and true au-natural tips for getting back those kissable lips!

Why Do Lips Crack?

First and foremost, let’s get to the bottom of this chap attack. The skin on your lips is much thinner then elsewhere on your body. What this means is that there is just no room for those magical little oil glands to protect, hydrate and moisturize your lips when they are attacked by free radicals. When we say free radicals, we are talking about heat (indoor and outdoor), wintertime chill, the wind, the sun and even that inevitable process of aging. Indeed the primary cause of most skin damage comes from sun damage, so slap on the sunscreen all year long, but there are loads of other tricks to stay soft this season.

Are There All-Natural Solutions To Cracked Lips?

Of course! Here are a few of the easiest all natural saviors to get you back to soft:

1) The primary cause of dryness being UV rays, make sure that your all natural balm comes with UV protection.
2) Do not bite, lick or chew your lips. This includes licking off chapstick or trying to moisten your lips. It will only make it worse.
3) Fill up on H20! Another primary cause of dryness is dehydration, so drink up – 8-10 glasses a day!
4) Renew your lipstick (or, better yet, ditch it for an all natural lip balm like Thanns’ Rice Extract Lip Balm
5) Breathe out your nose, and save your mouth the work.
6) Do not smoke. If you are smoking, chapped lips are the least of your problems. For help on quitting, check out http://www.cancergameplan.ca/
7) Exfoliate without over-exfoliating. Find that happy balance, because either extreme and your lips will notice. Do a scrub 2-3 times (max) per week, and even less if you have particularly dry skin.
8) Show in warm – not hot – water.

What All-Natural Products Can Make My Lips Kissable?

Lots! The logic is simple – you want to pack your pretty lips with vitamins b, c and e – which you will find in many natural product ingredient lists. Stick to the tried and true with hydrating lip balms based in any or many of the following natural lifesavers:

- Rice Bran Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E to moisturize and protect skin from free radicals.
- Aloe: Anti-inflammatory; Great for soothing lips and enhancing suppleness.
- Shea butter: Combats sun damage and adds softness.
- Almond butter: Relaxes skin tissue to prevent dryness and flakiness.
- Wheat protein: Contains proteins & amino acids.
- Beeswax: A renowned all-natural emulsifier.
- Mango: Creates a protective film over the lip that helps keep moisture in.
- Honey: An incredible moisturizer for healthy lips.
- Coconut and Sunflower Oils: Packed with Vitamin E to moisturize and hydrate.

So there it is. You have one week before puckering up and with a few minor changes to your bad habits and your natural health cupboard, your lips will be as kissable they deserve to be.

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