Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spice Up Your Love Life This Valentines Day

The holidays are over and the dreary winter has fallen upon us. As we roll back into routines – kids to school, full time hours, months away from vacation prospects – many couples see a drastic decline in their love life. Suppose that is why nobody ever sang songs about “winter lovin’”.

Alas, the world of natural healing has come to your rescue yet again. Jumping on the Valentines Day bandwagon, natural beauty companies across the country are promoting paraben-free products to revitalize your spirit and your love life. Massage oils, candles and aromatherapy just may be the simple secret to brightening up your winter blues.

Can natural health and beauty products really live up to these expectations? Simple science, tradition and experience would argue they can if they are 1) based in aromatherapeutic essential oils; 2) applied regularly and 3) used in massage and other forms of touch therapy. If these strategies are applied by couples, relationships will benefit tremendously.

The power of scent is the guiding principle behind aromatherapy: the use of scented oils and lotions through massage to soothe, relax and heal. Once inhaled through the nose, the essential oils stimulate the organs, which are linked to the brain that control emotions. Lavender can counteract insomnia while bergamot will promote more restful sleep and nutmeg will treat stress. When such essential oils are used in couple massages, the benefits are endless.

Essential oils are best utilized when blended together and applied in massage therapy. Here is a glimpse of just a few of the benefits of using essential oils in massage:

- Decreased levels of pain and anxiety for those suffering from chronic diseases, such as cancer, autism or depression;
- Reduction in blood pressure, tension, anxiety, joint pain and discomfort during pregnancy;
- Smoother breathing patterns and;
- Improved immune system;

Physical benefits aside, there are countless mental advantages to be garnered from the use of essential oils, aromatherapy and massage therapy. Like yoga, meditation and chanting, aromatherapy can lead to an overall more peaceful state of mind, increased relaxation, improved ability to manage stress, emotional calmness, increased body-mind awareness.

Everyone from traditional Chinese Healers to the publishers at Elle Magazine Canada agree that facial massaging - which causes facial muscle relaxation – can increase blood circulation, thus reducing the effects of aging. Including massage and aromatherapy as part of a continuous care regime can soften ones body, skin and spirit.

Considering the physical and mental benefits explained above, adding essential oil based massage therapy to your weekly routine will unquestionably spice up your love life. Enjoy a massage for two with essential oils and escape from all of the stress and anxiety of everyday life together. By committing to aromatherapy massage, couples will spend more quality, relaxing time together as they rediscover the healing power of touch.

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Happy Valentines Day


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