Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jojoba What?

Trying to wrap your head around the hundreds of essential oils and natural ingredients that make up common all-natural skin and body care products is a full time job. Considering many of us struggle to pronounce most ingredient names, it’s hard to imagine understanding the benefits of different natural products. This article offers a simple, basic synopsis of one of those very products – jojoba oil (pronounced ho-ho-bah). What is so wonderful about this oil? In particular, what can it do to help improve the natural beauty of your skin and hair?

Jojoba oil is many peoples favorite all natural beauty secret. Indeed, the chemical makeup of Jojoba oil mirrors that of the human skin oil sebum, which is a wax ester that moistens skins surface and sets up a impermeable guard preventing bacteria from invading the skin. Ultimately, jojoba oil, like sebum, helps heal dry, damaged skin and hair.

Frequent use of jojoba oil in skincare products will increase the suppleness of skin for up to eight hours, which, if applied regularly, will lead to long term benefits such as the reduction of facial lines and wrinkles. More specifically, jojoba oil provides an unbeatable mixture of vitamins and minerals to help improve the health of your skin and hair.

1 – Vitamin E: A powerful anti-oxidant, this will increase the shine in hair by providing hydration for hair, skin and nails.
2 – Vitamin B-Complex: Paraded for its ability to increase growth, shine and color of hair while contributing to an overall healthy scalp. This will also lead to reduced hyper-pigmentation in skin
3 – Silica: Adds shine and strength to hair
4 – Zinc: Builds hair protein
5 – Copper: Can add firmness to skin
6 – Iodine: Combats bacteria and fungal infections

All of these benefits come together to fight against aging, wrinkles and air lose. Since jojoba is not based in water, it will not evaporate and thus can provided continued moisture to your skin. Ultimately, this is the magical oil for dealing with irritated, dry scalps and skin. And if it could get any better, jojoba oil has had next to no cases of allergic reactions.

by Ashley McEachern


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