Wednesday, September 2, 2009

THANN Shiso Facial Serum

Discover the secret of oriental beauty with Shiso Facial Serum, a sensuous natural skincare regimen to enhance firmness and radiance of your skin – the absolute solution to your skin problems.

Because great looking skin is a reflection of your inner self, it is only natural for you to find your self-confidence diminishing as a result of the aging process. But with Shiso Facial Serum you need no longer worry about your skin getting rough and wrinkled, for this exquisite serum has been brought to you through intensive research and testing by expert skincare specialists of the highest calibre. Composed with Centella Asiatica, Banana Flower and Shiso extracts, this serum is designed to heal and nourish your skin, thereby restoring your confidence and vitality.

Miraculous Ingredients:
If you’re a connoisseur of Japanese cuisine then you’ll be familiar with the sight of the shiso, a member of the herbal mint family, decorating your favourite dishes. The shiso, or perilla, is a herbal plant perennially popular in Asia for its vitamin-rich content, an outstanding property reflected by its extensive and varied use in a wide array of different fields throughout the centuries. Originating from Central China, the Shiso Leaf has long been used for purposes outside the culinary arts, and in additional to its medicinal value the Shiso has been a main component in various skin and hair care products. Extracted from the leaf for this serum are the Rosemarinic acid, Linoleic, Glycoproteins, I-perillaldehyde and Phenol Compounds; all of which are naturally anti-histamine, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory substances not just ideal for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, but also for moisturising the skin.

Furthermore, the extract of Centella Asiatica present in the serum stimulates the production of collagens beneath the skin, thereby combating oxidants and strengthening and restructuring damaged skin networks, as well as enhancing skin elasticity. In addition, it also stimulates the production of lipids and proteins which help soothe the skin and lessen the amount of wrinkles present. As for the extract of Musa Sapientum, better known as the Banana Flower, it assumes the role of mimic hormones that stimulate the synthesis of collagen.

Visible Results, Expert-guaranteed

Mr. Fabrice Perin (Spincontrol), a well-known highly-acclaimed skin care specialist, has demonstrated that the Shiso Facial Serum and its ingredients were remarkably effective in combating the wrinkly signs of aging. Extracts of Centella and Banana Flower are able to penetrate to the skin cells in order to maximise the amounts of anti-oxidants necessary to fight off the first signs of the aging process. From the test report, mean wrinkle area decreased by 25.5% while mean skin elasticity improved by 13.4% after application of Shiso Facial Serum for 28 days.

Discover grace and vitality with Shiso Facial Serum, your new, indispensable wellness assistant, available now at HARNN & THANN OR

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  1. I love organic cosmetics. It is great that all manufacturers are beginning to become green.