Wednesday, May 6, 2009

An oil that does it all!

Thann's Bath and Massage oils (see our products by clicking here) are definately something to fall in love with! What I love about these oils is that they can be used many different ways. It has become my weekly routine to endulge in an aromatherapy hot bath with The Aromatic Wood oil. It has a beautiful natural warm and spicy scent. A couple times a week, I also love smoothing a generous amount all over for an intensive moisturizing treatment. The main ingredient is rice bran oil. This amazingly nourishing oil feels so different to other oils. Its ability to absorb into the skin is incredible! Even after using it as a massage oil, you never have to wash or wipe the residue off, because there is none! After relaxing a few moments, you're left with only velvety soft skin. No greasy or sticky feel! It's so good that you'll have a hard time deciding wether to share it or keep it all for yourself.

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